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About us

About Us

A few words about us

Let us introduce ourselves

Emily and the Grooming By Em staff take the utmost care with each pet as though it were their own. We believe that all pets are more than just a pet and they make your home complete. With years of experience in several pet care industries we are more than qualified to handle most situations from aggressive, timid, rescued, senior and hyperactive pets.

As former veterinary technicians we make pet owners aware of any issues or complications requiring veterinary care. We even provide insight on local veterinary services, low cost services and recommendations within the pet care industry. We’re sure that we will offer you the best quality service in all aspects of our business.

– Grooming By Em & Staff


Where to find us…

Grooming By Em

4553 Rhode Island Avenue
North Brenwood, MD 20722

Phone: 301.277.2033
Fax: 301.277.2265

Grooming Menu

Canine Grooming

Grooming includes ear cleaning, nail clip, sanitary trim, blueberry facial, vanilla pad treatment, hydrotherapeutic bathing, brushing, cut/trim and styling.

  • Small Canine
  • Small Smooth Coat
  • Medium Canine
  • Medium Smooth Coat
  • Medium Double Coat
  • Large Canine

  • Large Canine Smooth Coat
  • Large Double Coat
  • X-Large Canine
  • XX-Large Canine
  • Standard Poodle

Additional Fees

Additional fees only apply when a groomer deems necessary

  • Shave
    $10 and up
  • Scissoring
    $10 and Up
  • Special Handling
    $10 and up
  • Dematting
    $30 per 1/2 hour

Canine Baths

  • Small Canine - Short Coat
  • Small Canine - Medium/Long Coat
  • Medium Canine - Short Coat
  • Medium Canine - Medium/Long Coat
  • Large Canine - Short Coat
  • Large Canine - Medium/Long Coat
  • X-Large Canine - Short Coat
  • X-Large Canine - Medium/Long Coat
  • XX-Large Canine - Short Coat
  • XX-Large Canine - Medium/Long Coat

Feline Grooming

Grooming includes ear cleaning, nail clip, blueberry facial, hydrotherapeutic bathing and brushing.

  • Short Hair Feline
  • Long Hair Feline
  • Teddy Bear Trim/Lion Clip

Luxury Spa Menu

Luxury Spa Shampoo

  • Aromatherapy (Canine Only)
    Chamomile: Soothes skin and reduces inflammation.

    Calming Lavender: Relaxes and comforts your pet’s stress.

    Eucalyptus: Invigorates and stimulates skin and coat.

    Argan: Rejuvenates dry and damaged skin and coat.

  • Spa Botanicals
    Fresh: A refreshing and invigorating combination of white tea and cucumber with a light vanilla scent helps purify and cleans the body and coat.

    Renew: An extremely gentle cleanser that leaves the coat unbelievably manageable and clean. With its combination of ginger root and white plum it will leave your pet’s hair shiny and beautifully soft.

    Comfort:  A rich combination of nourishing vitamins, hydrolyzed oatmeal, kiwi and a light lavender scent will help ease your pet’s stress.

  • Happy Hour
    “Margarita”: Leaves your pet clean and fluffy with a twist of lemon and lime.

    “Cosmopolitan”: A blend of cranberry and lime to leave your pet smelling fresh.

    “Strawberry Daquiri”: The sweet fragrance of strawberries will relax and leave pets happily clean.

    “Pina Colada”: A tropical scent of pineapple and coconut will leave your pet silky soft.

  • Rose & Milk
    A tearless hypoallergenic shampoo that nourishes the skin and coat with calming soft rose and moisturizing sweet milk protein.

Luxury Spa Treatments

  • Shed-Less Treatment
    $7 - $14

    Dramatically reduces your pet’s shedding problem. Our shed-less treatment is a four step process. Steps one and two are a combination of a deshedding shampoo and conditioner to help remove any loose fur from your pet’s coat. The third and fourth steps are to blow out the coat and remove the remaining loose fur with a thorough carding of the coat.

  • Mud Wrap
    $10 - $16

    With its mixture of natural minerals along with vitamins A, C and E, it will help restore your pet’s dry skin by gently exfoliating your pet’s skin and remove loose fur in their coat.

  • Hot Oil Treatment
    $6 - $12

    Our hot oil treatment penetrates deep into your pet’s coat and skin to treat dry skin and damaged coats and allows your pet to be silky smooth and soft again.

A La Carte Menu

  • Peticure
    Your pets paw pads receive an exfoliation treatment followed by an essential oil cream that moisturizes to diminish the dry, rough texture of their paw pads.
  • Custom Color & Designs
    $5 and up
    As a part of the Creative Grooming Association we are proud to offer this service to those who would like a trendy and new way to spice up your pet’s look. All dyes are peroxide and ammonia free, non-toxic and safe for pet use.
  • Yucca Medicated
    With a combination of yucca’s natural anti-fungal cortisone-like properties and cooling mint will soothe and relieve your pet of flaky, oily, itchy, damaged and irritated skin. Our all natural medicated bath will leave your pet’s skin relieved and with a clean manageable coat.
  • All-in-one Flea & Tick
    An all natural flea & tick shampoo that instantly and safely eliminates fleas and ticks as well as soother and moisturize the skin.
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