Why choose Grooming by Em?

We at Grooming by Em genuinely care about each individual pet and the client’s needs. We will serve you as best as we can and in the best interest of your pet.

How much does it cost?

Consult this price list, however additional fees may apply depending on condition of coat and temperment of your pet.

What are your hours of operation?

Please see our hours of operation in our sidebar or homepage.

Why do I have to schedule an appointment? Do you take walk-ins?

We allot a specific amount of time per dog depending on breed, condition of coat, list of services and temperament. If you would like to schedule a same-day appointment, please call our office to see if we have an appointment available. Walking in without an appointment is not advised as we may not be able to take your pet.

What is your philosophy for pet care?

Your pet is not your whole world, but they make your world whole. Knowing this we know that a pet isn’t just a pet, they’re a family member and a friend. We believe in educating our clients with preventive care information for the well-being of their pet(s) and provide low cost resources for our clients.

How far in advance should I make my appointment?

Appointments should be made 3-5 days ahead of your expected grooming appointment. Weekend appointments should be made 1-2 weeks prior. Holidays book quicker than any calendar days, so we advise scheduling 2-3 weeks prior.

What’s the best day for scheduling my pet?

If you wish for a quick turn around time or if your pet requires extra attention it is advisable to schedule Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. Mondays & Tuesdays are typically the best days for possible walk-in appointments.

My dog has sensitive skin, what shampoos do you use?

For all baths and grooms we use a hypo-allergenic soap free shampoo that contain a synergistic blend of Olive, Jojoba and Macadamia oil to hydrate the skin and coat. Otherwise you may request any  of our specialty or medicated shampoos.

What vaccinations are requested for grooming services?

We only require the rabies vaccination, however we recommend bordatella, distemper, as directed by your veterinarian.

My dog is matted, does he have to be shaved?

The grooming staff will make every attempt to keep it the length requested however severe matting will need to be shaved. This can only be determined by first evaluating your pet’s condition of coat. We do not shave your pet without first notifying you. 

How comfortable are your groomers with my dog’s breed?

Our grooming staff is capable in dealing with classic breed specific cuts with years of experience and take yearly continuing education courses.

Do you vaccinate pets?

No, we do not offer any medical services but are more than welcome to recommend  an animal hospital or low cost clinic that can provide medical services for your pet.

Will my pet be with or around other pets?

The grooming process is a one-on-one between the groomer and your pet. They will not interact with other pets but they will be housed near other pets in seperate enclosures.

When can I expect my pet’s grooming to be finished?

A typical groom for small/medium pets is about 3-4 hours but may extend to 4 1/2 hours for first time visits as we like your pet to familiarize themselves with out staff, procedures and grooming session. Larger breeds will vary depending on pet size, coat length, coat type and coat density. Please understand that although we attempt to release grooming pets as soon as possible this is completely dependent on your pets age, behavior and condition of coat.

How do you handle aggressive pets?

We try to identify the source of the aggression and try to minimize stress. Should the pet attempt to harm the groomers, the use of a muzzle may be necessary however we do use other methods of preventing groomer injury such as the use of e-collars and air muzzles as a barrier; in other cases we use other groomers to assist and comfort your pet.

Will Emily be grooming my pet?

Emily may not always be available to groom your pet but any of her groomers can and will serve you in the same spirit, gentle care and expertise that she does.